The Characters

Meet the characters of Twistales.

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The creature synonymous with ‘Slow and Steady’ as well as ‘Wisdom’. But in the twisted verse, you might not admire him so much.

Rabbit (aka Hare)

No matter how is being portrayed, he is really a cute harmless creature.

Sheep (aka Lamb)

Always vulnerable and at mercy of others. No one actually thinks of him, not even the shepherd.


Yes, there is a reason why he is all called by the name. Stubborn and brave to dare even the bull.


Powerhouse, but gets the short hand as he doesn’t apply head much.


Yes, even if he is old & fragile, he is still the king.


He is focused. Knows he is strong and how to navigate in today’s world.


Cousin of Wolf. He represents mindfulness. Enemies call him cunning.


He is not so fearful, as he is made look like. He even teaches on friendship.

Donkey (aka Ass)

Perhaps the only creature who lives up to the expectation. When there is a scope of making mess, he will.


Stylish, Dashing would be underplaying him. But as they said, arrogance doesn’t leave anyone.


Man calls him best friend as long as he is useful to him. Usually a nice creature to hang out with.


Has raw talent like laying golden eggs. But victim of circumstances, as she gets exploited.


Hasn’t done harm to anyone, but still not liked by anybody. Wish he becomes little less chaotic.


He has been an interesting creature. Has great intelligence and courage to face the likes of Fox and Wolf.


Belongs to the same clan as of Lark. But not so smart. Many times he gets the short hand.


The giant introvert. Prefer to stay away from the crowd. Epitome of strength & courage.


Found mostly in flocks. Doesn’t have much impact on the twistworld.


He is a real jerk. He fights, rejects jewel, crazily overconfident. Don’t be like a cock.


She is relatively better off, but has been affected due to her partner or master.


He is by himself, doesn’t really care much about others. He can’t change his character.


Dreamer. Little daring will take him a long way.


While his will power is talk of the town, he is not so good in dealing with others, especially fox.


Happy go lucky. Enjoys what’s around. Lacks self awareness like most of us.


Not a popular creature. Quills protects him but makes less desirable. Doesn’t go beyond what is obvious.


Represents working class. Skillful, but needs to fight many times for what’s his due.


Pal of Bee. He also represents rigour and effort.


The problem maker along with his partner. Mostly thinks of himself. Has many shades of grey both in head and in mind.


The partner in crime for Man. She is wise but at the same time does silly things. She also has many shades of grey.


HE is the real creator. And yes there is only ONE.