God and the Bee

A long time ago when the world was young, a bee had stocked her combs with a bountiful harvest and flew up to heaven to make an offering of honey. God was so delighted with the gift that he promised to give her whatever she desired. In turn, she responded immediately and said, “Oh my maker and master, poor bee that I am, give your servant a sting so that when anyone approaches my hive to take the honey, I may kill him on the spot.”

Due to his love of man, God became angry at her request and answered, “Your prayer shall be granted but not the way you wish. Indeed, you shall have your sting, but whenever anyone comes to take your honey and you attack him, the wound shall be fatal not to him but to you, for your life shall go with your sting.”

Old Learning: Whoever wishes harm upon his neighbour will bring a curse upon himself.

New Take

It is not wishing harm but protecting self-interest. Still bee got a bad deal because God preferred man. Understand the reach of enemy first to derive a strategy.

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