God and the Cat

There was once a cat who fell in love with a young man and prayed to God to change her into a girl, hoping to win his affections. The goddess felt compassion for the cat and transformed her into a fair damsel.

As a result, the young man fell in love with the beautiful young woman and eventually took her home as his bride. When they were sitting in their room, God wanted to know whether she had changed the cat’s nature by changing her shape, and so she set a mouse down before her. Forgetting her human condition, the damsel jumped from her seat and pounced on the mouse as if she would have eaten it on the spot. Disturbed by such a horrendous act, the God immediately turned her back into a cat again.

Old Learning: Try as one may, it is impossible to deny one’s nature.

New Take

Unless it is internal, any change is temporal and will wither in time.

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