The Archer and the Lion

An archer, known for his skill with a bow and arrow, went to the mountains in search of sport. When he entered the forest, all the animals in the forest were frightened and took flight. Only the lion challenged him to counter, after which the archer immediately shot an arrow and cried. “My messenger has something to say to you!”

The lion was wounded on the side, and with pain, he ran deep. When a fox saw him running away, however, he encouraged him to turn and face his enemy.

“No,” said the lion, “there is no way you can persuade me to fight. Just think, if a messenger can only do as much damage as he has already done, the man’s attacks.” How will he face who sent him? “

Old Learning: It is not a very pleasant feeling to have a neighbour who can easily strike from a distance.

New Take

It is not wise to take everything on face value. May be what is being shown as messenger is the only strength the person has.

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