The Bees, the Drones, and the Wasp

Some bees had built their comb in the hollow trunk of an oak tree. However, the drones claimed that they had done all the work and the comb belonged to them, not the bees. They brought their case to court before judge wasp, who knew something about both parties and thus addressed them as follows: “The plaintiffs and the defendants are so much alike in shape and colour that the rights to the ownership of the comb are indeed questionable, and the case has been properly brought before me. Therefore, I order that each party take a hive to itself and build a new comb so that the lawful proprietors of the property in dispute may be determined from the shape of the cells and the taste of the honey.”

The bees readily assented to the wasp’s plan, but the drones declined. As a result, the wasp declared, “It is now clear who made the comb and who cannot make it. The court grants the honey to the bees.”

Old Learning: Professions are best tested by deeds.

New Take

It’s easy to capture the result but not the skill required to produce it.

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