The Donkey and his masters

A donkey, who belonged to a gardener and had little to eat but much to do, prayed to God to release him from the gardener’s employ and provide him with another master. However, God was angry that the donkey was discontent and placed him in the service of a potter. Now the donkey had a greater burden to bear than before and appealed to the God again to lighten his work. So, God now had him sold to a tanner. Once the donkey realized what kind of work his new master did, he thought “I would have been better off if I had remained content with my former masters. Not only will my new owner work me harder while living, he won’t even spare me when I am dead!”

Old Learning: Whoever is dissatisfied in one place will seldom be happy in another.

New Take

Being content with what we have will never lead to progress of mankind. Analysing the scenario and own capability will create a better situation.

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