The Donkey loaded with Salt

There was once a trader who kept a donkey, and when he heard that some cheap salt was being sold at the seaside, he took his donkey there to buy some.

After having loaded the donkey with as much salt as it could carry, the trader drove him back home. On the way, they had to cross a river and the donkey accidentally fell into the river. When the salt dissolved, the donkey was relieved of his burden so that he reached the bank with ease. Then he continued his journey, light in body and spirit. Some time later, the trader set off for the seashore for some more salt and loaded the donkey. On their way home, they crossed the river into which the donkey had previously fallen, and this time he slipped into the water on purpose. Once again the salt dissolved, and the donkey was relieved of his load. Disturbed by the loss of the salt, the trader tried to think of a way to cure his donkey from performing this trick. So, on his next journey to the coast, he placed a load of sponges on the donkey. When they arrived at the same river as before, the donkey was up to his old tricks and rolled himself into the water. But the sponges became soaking wet, and the donkey discovered to his dismay that his burden had doubled its weight instead of getting lighter.

Old Learning: The same ploy will not suit all circumstances.

New Take

Knowing the reason is learning. Knowing the result is just information.

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