The Eagle and the Crow

A crow watched an eagle swoop down with majestic air from a nearby cliff, descend upon a flock of sheep, and then carry off a lamb in his talons. The whole thing looked so graceful and easy that the crow was eager to imitate it. So, he swept down upon a large fat ram with all the force he could muster and expected to carry him off as a prize. His claws became entangled in the wool, however, and as he tried to escape, he fluttered and made such a commotion that he drew the shepherd’s attention, enabling the man to seize him and clip his wings. That evening the shepherd brought the bird home to his family, and his children asked, “What kind of bird is this, Father?”

“Well,” he said, “if you were to ask him, he would tell you that he’s an eagle. But if you will take my word for it, I know him to be nothing but a poor crow.”

Old Learning: Sometimes ambition can lead us beyond the limits of our power.

New Take

You cannot merely wish to become superior, you need to have the capability and prepare yourself towards that.

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