The Eagle and the Fox

An eagle and a fox had lived together for a long time as good neighbours. The eagle’s nest was on top of a high tree; the fox’s lair, at the foot of it. One day however, while the fox was away, the eagle could not find any food for her young ones. So she swooped down and carried off one of the fox’s cubs to her nest, thinking that her lofty dwelling would protect her from the fox’s revenge. She was about to divide the cub among her brood, when the fox returned home and pleaded fervently for the return of her young cub.

Since her entreaties were in vain, she ran to an altar in a neighbouring field and snatched a torch from the fire that had been lit to sacrifice a goat. Then she returned to the tree and set it on fire. The flames and smoke soon caused the eagle to worry about her young ones and her own life as well, and she returned the cub safe and sound to his mother.

Old Learning: The tyrant is never safe from those whom he oppresses.

New Take

It is the courage and willpower of the fox, which made her successful in getting her cub back. If one is driven by a noble purpose, things will fall in place.

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