The Farmer and the Stork

A farmer set up a net in his field to catch some cranes that had been constantly feeding upon his newly-sown corn. When he went to examine the net and to see what the cranes had taken, there was a stork among them.

“Spare me!” cried the stork. “I’m not a crane. Nor have I eaten any of your corn. As you can see, I’m a poor innocent stork, the most pious and dutiful of birds. I respect my mother and father. I…” But the farmer cut him short. “All this may be true enough, but I only know that I’ve caught you with those birds who were destroying my crops, and since you were sharing their company, you must share their fate.”

Old Learning: Birds of a feather flock together.

New Take

Judging something superficially may not be correct. One should always do the due diligence before passing decision.

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