The Fox and the Porcupine

While crossing a river, a fox was driven by the current into a narrow gap and got stuck there exhausted for a long time. To add to his misfortune, as warm of flies settled all over his body and began bothering and stinging him. A porcupine, who came wandering in that direction, saw him and offered out of pity to drive away the flies that were disturbing him so much. However, the fox begged him to do nothing of the sort.

“Why not?” asked the porcupine.

“Because these flies who are on me right now are already full and draw very little blood, “he explained. “If you were to remove them, a swarm of fresh, hungry lot would take their place, and I would not have a drop of blood left in my body.”

Old Learning: By ridding ourselves of rulers or dependents who have already taken the most out of us, we often lay ourselves open to others who will make us bleed even more blood than before.

New Take

Looking things at a cursory level often leads to wrong and detrimental decision.

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