The Fox and the Woodcutter

A fox, who was hard pressed by some hounds during a hunt, approached a man who was cutting wood, and begged him to provide him with a hiding place. The man pointed to his own hut, and the fox crept inside and concealed himself in a corner. Soon the hunters arrived and asked the man whether he had seen the fox.

“No,” he said, but pointed with his finger to the corner inside his hut.

However, the hunters did not understand the hint and believed his word. So they continued along their way at full speed. When the fox made sure that they were out of sight, he departed without saying anything to the woodcutter, whereupon the man scolded him and said, “You ungrateful fellow, is this the way you take leave of your host? You owe your life to me, and yet you leave me without a word of thanks.”

“A fine host you are!” said the fox, turning around.

“If your deeds had been as good as your words, I would not be leaving your hut without bidding you farewell.”

Old Learning: There is just as much malice in a wink as in a word.

New Take

Every person has both good and evil within. The situations bring out different personality.

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