The Frogs who desired a King

A long time ago, when the frogs led a free and easy life in the lakes and ponds, they became disgruntled because everyone lived according to his own whim, and chaos reigned. Consequently, they gathered together and petitioned Jupiter to let them have a king who would bring order into their lives and make them more responsible. Knowing how foolish the frogs were, Jupiter smiled at their request and threw a log down into the lake.

“There is your king!” he declared.

This log made such a splash that it terrified the poor frogs, who dived under water and into the mud. No one dared to come within ten leaps of the spot where it lay in stillness. Eventually, one frog, who was bolder than the rest, ventured to pop his head above the water and watch their new king at a respectful distance. When some others soon perceived that the log was lying stock-still, they began to swim up to it and around it.

At last they grew so bold that they leaped upon it and treated it with the greatest contempt. Dissatisfied with such a tame ruler they immediately petitioned Jupiter a second time to grant them a more active king. This time he sent them a stork, and no sooner did the bird arrive than he began seizing and devouring them one by one as fast as he could. Devastated by their new king, the frogs now sent Mercury with a private message to Jupiter, beseeching him take pity on them once more. But Jupiter replied that they were being justly punished for their folly and that maybe next time they would learn to let well enough alone.

Old Learning: When you desire to change your condition, make sure that you can really improve it.

New Take

It’s easy to ask for change than bringing it on self.

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