The Hare and the Tortoise

A hare once made fun of the short legs and slow movement of the tortoise. But the tortoise responded with a laugh, “Though you can accelerate like the wind, I’ll beat you in a race.” “All right,” Hare said, “you will soon regret those words.”

So, they agreed that the fox would choose the course and set the goal. On the day scheduled for the race, the tortoise crawled at its usual steady pace without stopping the solitary moment. Of course, soon the tortoise was left far behind. Once the hare reached the midway mark, he started munching some juicy grass and tempted himself in different ways. Since the day was hot, he thought he would take a little nap under a tree.

Even if the tortoise could pass him while he slept, he was convinced that he could easily overtake him before reaching the goal. Meanwhile, the unwavering tortoise headed straight for the round. When the hare finally woke up, he was surprised to find that the tortoise was nowhere to be seen. He headed for the finish line as fast as he could. However, he reached the finish line only to see that the tortoise had crossed it before him and waiting for him to arrive.

Old Learning: Slow and steady wins the race.

New Take

The tortoise won not because of his credit but due to fault of the hare. Had the hare been consistent in running and was not distracted, he would have surely won. Being steady is the mantra, being slow will not help in winning a race.

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