The Hawk and the Pigeons

Some pigeons had long lived in fear of a hawk, but since they had always kept on the alert and stayed near their dovecote, they had consistently managed to escape their enemy’s attacks. Finding his sallies unsuccessful, the hawk now sought to use cunning to trick the pigeons.

“Why,” he once asked, “do you prefer this life of constant anxiety when I could keep you safe from any conceivable attack by the kites and falcons? All you have to do is to make me your king, and I won’t bother you anymore.”

Trusting his claims, the pigeons elected him to their throne, but no sooner was he installed than he began exercising his royal prerogative by devouring a pigeon a day.

“It serves us right,” said one poor pigeon whose turn was yet to come.

Old Learning: Some remedies are worse than the disease itself

New Take

If the Pigeons were always escaping, how could the Hawk managed to talk to them? Understanding the real motive of a person is critical. It is always beneficial to dig deeper than taking things on face value.

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