The Horse and the Loaded Donkey

There was once a man who owned a horse and a donkey. Whenever he took trips, he tended to spare the horse and put all the burden on the donkey’s back. Since the donkey had been ailing for some time, he asked the horse one day to relieve him of part of his load while on a trip.

“If you take a fair portion of the load,” he said, “I’ll soon get well again. But if you refuse to help me, this weigh twill kill me.”

The horse, however, told the donkey to get on with it and to stop troubling him with his complaints. The donkey jogged on in silence, but he was soon overcome by the weight of his burden and dropped dead in his tracks, just as he had predicted. Consequently, the master came up, untied the load from the dead donkey put it on the horse’s back, and made him carry the donkey’s carcass in addition.

That’s what I get for my bad disposition!” the horse groaned. “By refusing to pull my own weight, I now have to carry all of it along with some dead weight in the bargain.”

Old Learning: Laziness often results in an additional burden for its own back.

New Take

The loss is more for the man as he lost his donkey and soon the horse will also be injured – all because of unequal distribution of load by him. It is a leader’s responsibility to take care of his persons.

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