The Lion and the Mouse

A lion was sleeping in his lair when a mouse mistakenly ran over the mighty beast’s nose and awakened him. The lion grabbed the frightened little creature with his paw and was just about to crush him when the mouse began pleading for mercy and declared that he had not consciously intended to offend the lion.

Moreover, the mouse sought to convince the lion not to stain his honourable paws with such an insignificant prey. Smiling at his little prisoner’s fright, the lion generously let him go.

Now a short time after this occurrence the lion was caught in a net laid by some hunters while roaming the woods in search of prey. Finding himself entangled in rope without the hope of escape, the lion let out a roar that resounded throughout the entire forest.

Recognizing the voice of his former saviour, the mouse ran to the spot, and without much ado, began nibbling  the knots that had ensnared the lion. In a short time he freed the noble beast and thus convinced him that kindness is seldom wasted and that, no matter how meagre a creature may be, he may have it in his power to return a good deed.

Old Learning: Little friends may prove great friends.

New Take

Generosity and forgiveness is great deed. It pays when it is required.

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