The Lion and the Three Bulls

Three bulls were such great friends that they always grazed together in the same field. A lion had watched them for many days with longing in his eyes in the hope of seizing them for his prize, but he found that there was little chance so long as they all kept together. Therefore, he secretly began to spread evil and slanderous rumours pitting one against the other until he had fomented jealousy and distrust among them. No sooner did the lion see that they avoided one another and grazed separately than he attacked them one by one and made an easy prey of them all.

Old Learning: United we stand, divided we fall.

New Take

Who did spread the rumour? Was it the Lion himself? Then what stopped him to attack when the bulls were alone? If it was someone else, then it is that person whom we should be aware of – a friend in disguise.

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