The Lion, the Bear, and the Fox

A lion and a bear pounced upon a fawn at the same time and had a long, gruelling fight over it. The struggle was so hard and even that both of them eventually lay half-blinded and half-dead on the ground without enough strength to touch the prize that was stretched out between them. A fox, who had gone round them at a distance several times, saw how helpless they were, and he stepped in between the combatants and scampered off with the booty.

“What miserable creatures we are!” the lion and the bear cried. “We’ve knocked ourselves out and destroyed one another merely to give a rogue a dinner!”

Old Learning: Sometimes one man’s toil is another man’s profit.

New Take

Swaying away from the cause costs us more. Focusing on what we want and not drifting away leads to success.

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