The Maid and the Bucket of Milk

A country maid was carrying a bucket of milk on her head to the farmhouse when she began daydreaming and musing. “The money that I earn from this milk will enable me to increase my stock of eggs to three hundred. If I take into account that some of these eggs may be rotten and some may be destroyed by insects, I should be able to get at least two hundred and fifty chickens from them. The chickens should be ready just about the time when the price for poultry is high so that, by the new year, I should have enough money to buy a new gown. Then I’ll go to the fair in this dress, and all the young fellows will try to win me for a partner. But no-I’ll toss my head and refuse every one of them.”

Excited and carried away by this thought, the milkmaid could not prevent herself from acting out what she had just imagined in her head, and down came the can of milk and with it all her dreams of happiness vanished in a second!

Old Learning: It is never wise to count your chickens before they hatch.

New Take

She was lost in thought and that’s why the mishap happened. Else, she was doing proper planning and it was not on the clouds. Nothing happens without planning.

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