The Mice and the Weasels

The mice and the weasels had been at war with each other for a long time. Since the mice had continually got the worst of the battle, they gathered together at a solemn meeting, where they agreed that their defeats were due to nothing but a lack of discipline. Therefore, they decided to elect regular commanders for the future and chose those whose valour and prowess were suitable for the important positions. The new commanders were proud of their positions and desired to be as conspicuous as possible. So, they put horns on their foreheads as a sort of crest and mark of distinction.

Not long after this, the battle with the weasels resumed. Just as before, the mice were soon put to flight. The common soldiers escaped into their holes, but the commanders were hampered by the horns, and every one of them was caught and devoured.

Old Learning: There is no distinction that does not bring some kind of danger with it.

New Take

The distinction as such is not bad. It motivates people. Badge instead of horn would have been perfect. It requires introspection to check whether the distinction is causing any problem.

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