The Rabbits and the Frog

Since the rabbits were continually threatened by enemies all around them, they once held a meeting to discuss their sad predicament. Eventually they decided that death would be much more preferable to their desperate condition, and off they went to a nearby lake, determined to drown themselves.

It so happened that a group of frogs were seated upon the bank, enjoying the moonlight, and when they heard the rabbits approaching them, they became frightened and jumped into the water in great alarm and confusion. On seeing the rapid disappearance of the frogs, one of the rabbits cried out to his companions,

“Stop, my friends! Our situation is not so desperate as it seems. There are other poor creatures even more fainthearted than ourselves.”

Old Learning: Remember, no matter how miserable you are, there are some people whose shoes you would not want to wear.

New Take

We should keep our eyes and mind open to enrich us. It will prevent us from taking disastrous steps.

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