The Stag at the Pool

One summer’s day a stag came to a pool to quench his thirst, and as he stood drinking, he saw his form reflected in the mirror. “How beautiful and strong my horns are!” he remarked. “But how weak and unseemly these feet of mine are!”

While he was examining and criticizing the features that nature had given him, the hunters and hounds drew near. The feet, with which he had found so much fault, soon carried him out of reach of his pursuers but the horns, which were his pride and joy, became entangled in a brush and kept him from escaping so that the hunters caught up with him and took his life.

Old Learning: We tend to underestimate the small things about ourselves that are often our most valuable attributes.

New Take

Self-reflection doesn’t always guide correctly. Sometime we need an outside intervention to get clarity.

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