The Tortoise and the Eagle

A tortoise was dissatisfied with his lowly life and with crawling about on the ground at a snail’s pace. He envied the birds, who could soar high into the clouds whenever they desired. He thought that, if he could but once get up into the air, he would be able to fly with the best of them. So, one day he offered an eagle all the treasures in the ocean if he would only teach him how to fly. The eagle declined and assured him that the tortoise’s desire to fly was not only absurd but impossible. However, the tortoise kept insisting and pleading so that the eagle eventually agreed to do the best he could for him. Therefore, he carried the tortoise high up in the air, and as he let go of him, he said, “Now, spread your legs!” But before the tortoise could say one word to him in response, he plunged straight down, hit a rock, and was dashed to pieces.

Old Learning: Demand your own way, demand your own ruin.

New Take

Know your limitations before desiring something and listen to others.

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