The Wolf and the Shepherd

A wolf followed a flock of sheep for a long time and made no attempt to attack them. However, the shepherd had his suspicions, and for a while he was always on his guard against him, knowing that the wolf was a known enemy of the sheep. But when the wolf stayed close to the flock day after day without trying to seize any one of them, he began to regard him more as a friend than a foe. Then, one day, when he had to go to town, he decided to entrust the sheep to his care. However, no sooner did the wolf accept this responsibility then he fell upon the sheep and devoured them. Upon his return, the shepherd found his flock destroyed and exclaimed, “What a fool I am! But this is what I deserve for trusting a wolf with my sheep.”

Old Learning: With friends like wolves you don’t need enemies.

New Take

It takes persistence and patience to achieve your goal.

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